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Keeper's Files by M-raptor
Keeper's Files
~Aka: Flying Terrors~
  ~Flying Terrors are the beast of the sky. They can take the form of anything with wings ranging from bats to dragons etc. They even range in size some can grow as large as An-225 Mriya..........good luck hiding in your house it can pick up the damn thing. There texture can have feathers, scales, fur, skin-like texture and including hair. Another thing about these guys is that they don't like sharing the skies so they at time they chase down Planes, Rockets, Birds and at time each other due to territories~

~enjoy and sweet dreams~ 
Raptor's Halloween Visit by M-raptor
Raptor's Halloween Visit
 Halloween including Day of the dead even the Halloween movies like my favorite Nightmare before Christmas so here is my tribute for Halloween.

        Raptor Visits Halloween town for the season even goes to see his mom's old friend jack skellington. once he entered the world of Halloween he bumps into jack's daughter Jacklin F. Skellington. Soon they become good friends and go off helping out the town even to stop a Flying Terror (a monster of mine) before the Halloween party.

Raptor, Jacklin & the Flying terror belong to me
Jack, & Halloweentown belong to Nightmare Before Christmas & to Disney 

~~~Enjoy & Happy Halloween~~~
Looking good in orange by M-raptor
Looking good in orange
Raptors full monster form both his half human and monster form share the same dream world powers so his all good in battles his scales are even strong enough to take a massive explosion and strong enough to survive from being pushed from a plane at so hundred feet but still can get hurt and wounded if the attack on constant.

His still deadly tho but fun to hang with he can also visit other worlds in different dimension because of the Atlantis Gems that he gain when Atlantis vanished and yes he is the last know Altantean known in the dream world were he was safe for years till he became old enough to defend himself from the nightmares.  (Dream world years are different from human years)
Quetzalcoatl by M-raptor
Quetzalcoatl, feather serpent or plumed serpent or whatever name u call it. Quetzal is one of my favorite gods in the Aztec/ Mayan cultures  

Happy late Valentines Day by M-raptor
Happy late Valentines Day
hehe sorry its late but we're still in the month of love. heres me holding your heart hehe enjoy
I'm a boy by day, a hero,a monster,a warrior by night!
but my power shines bright, like the evening star of every night!
hiding from those who made me! traveling between worlds both reality and in dreams!
a gatekeeper of massive power and a saver of hopes and dreams!
my job is to put light into nightmares and fear into evil!
a lizard-man i am not but a lone Raptor am! not like those that have fallen! 
many friends i make the more power i get!
my prey may be strong but immortal they are not!
i am made to hunt, to kill, to care and to defend!
made by man but born by nature!


M-raptor's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I go by the names of ed, edwardo
love all types of music like old, new, remix, anything.i love drawing montsers or my OC also i lovve foood mostly anything with meat. soon i be doing comics (once in a while) =D k. i also like anime and manga.

i've been drawing when i was 5 years old(no lie my mom still has the drawing when i was 5) i'm still need to work on my drawing skills i'm good but need to impove (don't hunt 2 learn new things) i love drawing i never stop drawing( sometiimes never stop drawing) even at school and i still get good grades.

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